First Post

This is the first post on this blog. I’m hoping that a year from now, we’ll look back on this post and remember what our perspectives were like at the beginning.

The intent for this blog is to provide easy to understand information that helps marketers (and possibly others) get the most out of their data. We come from an online marketing background with deep experience in Adobe’s Marketing Cloud as well as distributed processing technology like Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, etc. We want to share the lesson’s we’ve learned with others so that they can find the same value in their data as we’ve found in ours.

We’ve thought a lot about personas, and there are two personas that we really want to reach here.

  1. An IT person who has been tasked with getting analytics data from various tools, using ETL tools or other processing tools to format the data, and make that data available to data scientists.
  2. A data scientist who processes marketing data to identify insights and drive automated tools for improving online customer experience and marketing efforts.

If you’re not one of these people, that’s okay. We hope you still find some of this content useful. If you are one of these personas though and you’ve got some questions for us, or have suggestions for blog posts, please drop us a line.

Jared Stevens

Jared Stevens is a software engineer at Adobe and works on the Analytics reporting APIs. He has also worked as a Software Engineering consultant at Adobe for 7 years and has assisted many of Adobe's top tier customers with custom integrations and data processing requests. When he's not knee deep in data, he enjoys backpacking, video games, and learning about new things.